Our best friends are those with whom we share the most fluid communication. We are quicker to respond to these people even when otherwise engaged, and choose to be with them even when there might be other opportunities around for us. For social beings, like humans, and dogs, communication is incredibly important...

What we Offer?

Paws4me is about fun, friendly 'force free' dog training with a strong focus on mutual two-way communication. We train using methods that are scientifically proven to be both effective and fair, and fun for both you and your dog. I offer three small group classes in the day time in Clavering and a 'Street wise' socialisation class in Bishop's Stortford or I can also arrange to come to your home for private training sessions and 'training parties' with your friends.

Basic 'Good Manners'

Puppies and young dogs can be hard work and behaviours that seem natural to them can be quite alien to us. Why is my puppy biting me? He was so well trained, then suddenly stopped listening... how do I get my dog to come back when there are distractions, especially other dogs? You've found the right place - I'm here to help.

Quiet, Shy & Nervous

It can be very alienating if you have a very shy or nervous dog, especially when they are very reactive and bark angrily at other dogs and people, but using kind force free training methods to build greater communication, connectivity and trust can make an enormous difference - Click here to book a private lesson and see how today.

Too Good to be True

Some dogs do seem to come born trained and be incredibly easy to live with - but training is still vital. In modern dog training, we don't 'just' teach our dogs to be well behaved, we also teach them vital skills to help them with all sorts of different situations that they might encounter in life, and they'll really enjoy it too.

What People Say

We love hearing feedback from happy owners! Visit our facebook page to read more of our fabulous 5 star reviews!


We cannot believe how much difference training [with Paws4Me] has made. Even our neighbours have stopped us in the street to say how well behaved they are now. Before, we could not take them anywhere, but we've just been on holiday with them and it was so easy because they were so well behaved.

Sharon and Simone with sibling huskies Spirit and Blue - Happy clients