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New Classes Coming to Saffron Walden in 2023

Don't yet have a dog? You're still welcome!

If you are thinking about getting a dog or puppy we’d love you to come along to our classes and see how we use the power of positive reinforcement to gain super high levels of motivation to work with us and follow our instructions. Lesson plans are designed very much around the principle of teaching you better body and visual communication techniques so that your dog gains and maintains a higher level of motivation to be responsive to you.

A lot of what we teach in class is about training method and this can  actually be a lot easier to manage when we don’t have to worry about juggling leads, clickers, motivators and dogs! if you come without a dog, you’ll also have the added opportunity of being able to see how other dogs are responding to the training methods we teach so that when your time comes, you’ll find it a lot easier to get to grips with.

One-2-one training and problem behaviour help

When things go wrong: home visits to help you and your dog find harmony

It can be very upsetting, even frightening, when our dogs exhibit reactive and aggressive behaviour, or behaviour that upsets our neighbours, such as howling and barking.Sometimes it might appear out of the blue, for no reason and seemingly unprovoked.

Dog's don't speak with words as we do, they use a number of gestures and expressions to communicate, and sometimes for us humans these can be so subtle that we fail to notice them. With many many years of reading, forum discussion and studying dogs in action, I can help you identify these signals and work out management and training plans to help you find harmony.

Diana Attwood

About Me

I have always loved dogs and been particularly interested in how dogs try to communicate with us without spoken words. Several recent studies show that they are actually far better at recognising our feelings and emotions than we are theirs, which is why I feel so passionately that all training should be force free, and that our dogs should never feel pain, fear or intimidation in the name of 'dog training'. We can get far better results if our dogs feel happy, confident and trust us!

I started clicker training with my first 'own dog' in the late 1990's, but only started training professionally in 2014 wit Denise Armstrong at Red Dog Training. After gaining my IMDT qualification in 2015 started Paws4Me and held classes in Clavering, Great Chesterford and Stansted until 2018. I took a bit of a break but I am now working towards starting new classes in Saffron Walden in the next few weeks!