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Extreme weather, poorly paws and lady dog days

We’re all noticing in recent years that our summers are getting warmer while our winters are getting colder and wetter.

Most classes for most dogs are simply more fun for all of us if we can hold them outside, but should temperatures rise or fall significantly above seasonal average, before our dogs have come to acclimatise to typical seasonal differences, it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous to directly expose them to these conditions.

However in most cases we are more adaptable, and in my experience training, some lesson plans actually work a lot better when we don’t have to worry about juggling leads, clickers, toys and dogs! Even now, I quite often practice moves on my own away from my dog first so that I can be more fluid in my communication when I want to start working with him.

If you’ve booked up for a class and the weather reports flag up more extreme weather, please do check your messages to see what alternative plans I have. 

Similarly, if your dog is unwell or in season, you are more than welcome to come along without your dog – you will probably find that you actually learn a lot more buy working through the moves on your own!