I have severe intolerance to wheat gluten.

See below for ‘safe’ foods and details of my symptoms / what to do should you find me sick.

Name: Escher Attwood

Address: 48 Stoney Common, Stansted CM24 8NF

Phone 07979 400339 

Vets: Bishop’s Stortford Veterinary Clinic

About me should it not be possible to contact my family immediately

If you have found me, I am very much loved and will be missing my family. I will be scared.

I am microchipped and have an ear tattoo for id, but do not like my ears being handled by strangers.

I am wary of young children.

I am friendly with other dogs but have been attacked several times.


I am usually fed raw tripe and whole meats. if this is not readily available, I can eat cooked rice, porridge oats, cooked potato. I like cooked meat too.

Wheat of any kind will affect me most severely about 30 hours after ingestion. This will affect my ability to stand, make me thirsty, pee a lot, fall over, tremble in pain and violently sick, sometimes with blood.

When I am stressed it will affect my pee and I will pee blood. I need to be kept very calm. I am easily soothed by gentle human affection.