All about Rufus

Rufus came to me after a friend on Facebook put out an emergency appeal for a foster place for a very friendly dog she knew of, which was scheduled to be put to sleep by his vet that afternoon for ‘not getting on with other dogs in his house’. I’d just lost my beautiful Escher […]

When things go wrong: home visits to help you and your dog find harmony

It can be very upsetting, even frightening, when our dogs exhibit reactive and aggressive behaviour, or behaviour that upsets our neighbours, such as howling and barking overwhelming when so many different people have different opinions on how to deal with it. Sometimes it might appear out of the blue, for no reason – unprovoked, but […]

What we are aiming to achieve through our training programmes

Group classes and one-2-one young dogs or new to dog ownership families Lesson plans are formatted to provide you, the human part of the team, with: The skills to pre-empt and manage situations so that you are in control when the unexpected happens. Understanding how our dogs communicate with us, and how to make our […]

Bouncy adolescents

Paws4me dog training - we're back

Group classes to help you work through those difficult period of adolescence where suddenly all the training you thought your dog had nailed, starts to fall apart again.

Confidence builders

Paws4me dog training - we're back

ome dogs simply prefer a gentler pace of life and find being surrounded by more bouncy and barky dogs far too overwhelming for them to be able to concentrate, yet still, the benefits of classes can be enormous and good robust obedience and recall is especially vital for a dog who might not feel comfortable if approached by strangers wanting to help catch them if they get loose.

Start Right Puppies

Paws4me dog training - we're back

Group classes to help you and your puppy start out on the right foot. You will learn so much more than sit stay!

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